Educators', Literary and Professional
Halls of Fame


Nomination Guidelines:
  • A letter nominating the person for the Hall of Fame must be sent to the Office of Alumni Services by April 1. The address is:
Office of Alumni Services
Lincoln Memorial University
Cumberland Gap Parkway
P.O. Box 2005
Harrogate, TN 37752
  • The letter of nomination should state professional reasons why the person is worthy of inclusion into the Hall of Fame.
  • The candidate who is being nominated must have been active in their area of expertise for a minimum of 10 years.
  • The person who writes the letter of nomination must either be an *alum of Lincoln Memorial University, a fellow colleague, or a member of the nominee’s community who is knowledgeable about their contributions and achievements.
  • The person who is being nominated must be an *alum or an employee of Lincoln Memorial University for at least five years.
  • The person who writes the nominating letter should also enclose three letters of professional recommendation written by peers of the candidate, or the nominating person may instead provide LMU the names and addresses of three professional peers of the candidate. LMU will then contact these people for letters of professional recommendation.
  • All letters of recommendation must be sent to the Office of Alumni Services by April 1.
  • All letters of nomination and recommendation will be forwarded to the Halls of Fame Committee.
  • Halls of Fame inductees will be notified no later than July 1 of their pending induction.
  • If a candidate is chosen to be inducted into the Hall of Fame, the nominator may submit material to be used in the induction remarks. The president of the University officially inducts all Hall of Fame members.
    **An alum is defined, by the National Alumni Association, as anyone who has attended one term at Lincoln Memorial University**

Hall of Fame Inductees

 Educators' Hall of Fame

Literary Hall of Fame

Professional Hall of Fame

Vernon Clifford Lowdenback '35
Dr. John Taylor, III '54
Dr. Thomas Hugh Irvine '50
Dr. Joseph Smiddy '47
Mrs. Hazel Y. Hatmaker
Dr. John H. Brock '60
Dr. Ronald D. Carter '29
Dr. Guy L. Taylor '44
Dr. David J. Harkness
Dr. Gilbert L. Lycan '34
Dr. George H. Emert '60
Dr. C. W. Bradley '34
Ms. Lena Lease '44
Mrs. Betsy G. Porter '57
Dr. Gary J. Burchett '63
Dr. Elery A. Lay '36
Mr. James L. Snodgrass '58
Dr. Elbert W. Ockerman '39
Dr. Thomas H. Wetmore III '34
Dr. Arch K. Steiner '35
Mrs. Jane Lotspeich
Dr. Jay Stanley '60
Beatrice H. Richardson '33
S. Hassel Evans 1932-35
Walter R. Smith '65
Willam J. Howard '75
Margaret Rasnic '50
Herman Matthews '55
Barbara Shirley-Scott 1945-48
Dr. Douglas G. Ellis '67
Haze A. Davis '55
Emory A. Cope '22
Mr. Sheldon Daniels '63
Miss Betty S. Pearman
Mr. S. C. Hobbs '29
Mr. E. Cecil Sumpter '53
Dr. Clyde L. Orr '52
Mr. Gaylord M. Lambdin '48
Dr. Fred Bedelle '54
Mr. Fred F. Stickley '47
Mr. Wallace C. Petty '35
Dr. Mildred T. Headley '29
Dr. R. Martin Peters '49
Mr. Roger T. Smith '49
Mr. Harold D. Ellis '46
Mr. John C. Patterson '51
Dr. Sylvia D. Lynch '77
Dr. Jerry Bishop '65
Mr. Rector S. Greene '37
Judge John Statler '41
Dr. Joseph A. Dowling
Audrey Coulter '39
Walter D. Smith '43
Victor E. Harber '61
Jack R. Kirstein '58
Jim C. Whitt '62
Sidney Simandle '45
Mrs. Patricia L. Ramsey '72
Dwight Elkins '48
Kathleen Burchett '50
Dr. John Copeland
Shelby Middleton Jr. '52
Sherrie Hope Nevils Claiborne '69
Donald Stinson '72
Mae Owenby '58
Michael J. McLeod, PhD '70
Dr. Marty A. Cosby '81
Dr. Okie Lee Wolfe
Judy Hounshell '69
Mary Anne Bentley Spencer '59
J.T. Acuff '42
Ronald J. Thornton
Dr. Quinton Wacks '69
Billie Jean Scott '50
Elaine Baker Colson '67
Ralph P. Cox '48
Franklin D. Miller '54
Sheliah Cosby '84
Dr. Wandaleen Adams '07
Bobby Harber '61
Nathaniel Cole '55
Judy Osborne Haun '71
Dr. Gary D. McCann '95
Ronald L. Skeen '56
Herbert S. Parks '76
Sonja M. Saylor '07
Doris S. Presley '07
Dr. Janet S. Barnard '73
Jerry Hounshell '69
Dr. Ed Lowdenback '65
Dr. Robert Ziegler
Vera Jo Higdon Henegar ‘52
Dr. Anthony Maxwell ‘95
Harley C. Brooks, Jr. ‘51

  Dr. William Anderson McCall '13
Dr. Robert Lee Kincaid '15
Dr. John Wesley Hill
Nola Estep Comer '17
Dr. Edgar A. Holt '21
Dr. Jess Edds '23
George W. Atkinson '26
Harry Harrison Kroll 1926-27
Dr. Earl Hobson Smith 1927-1960
Aurelia Cate Dawson '27
Myrtle Ellison Smith 1927-1960
Rev. Sidney O. Frye '28
Dr. Ronald D. Carter '29
Winnie Palmer McDonald '29
Dr. James Still '29
Dr. Jesse Stuart '29
Dr. Don West '29
Dr. Lawerence Edwards '31
Dr. Gilbert Lycan '31
Theodore Tindell '32
Dr. Stewart W. McClelland
Mae Church Johnson '34
Dr. Thomas H. Wetmore '34
Oby J. Bonawit '35
William McHenry
Dr. Elery A. Lay '36
Dr. Stanley McCordock 1936-1946
Lena Murrary '36
Dr. R. Gerald McMurtry 1937-1956
Helen Parker '38
Dr. Funson Edwards '39
Dr. E.P. Muncy '39
Bonnie Mazingo Page '40
David J. Harkness 1940-42
Lois S. Bogart '41
Ross S. Carter '41
Gladys Trentham Russell '41
Dr. Sidney W. Rice '43
Mae Walker 1943-1951
Dr. Maurice Natanson '45
Nadine H. Stephens '45
Ruth Osborne Turner '45
George Scarbrough '47
Dr. Joseph A. Dowling '48
James W. Bellamy '49
Dr. Willard B. Frick '49
Dr. Russell D. Parker '49
Bernard Stallard '49
Virginia Billingsly Fletcher '50
Dr. William E. Taylor 1950-51, 1954-57
Dr. John Rice Irwin '55
Sonja Smith Collins '58
Dr. Larry Barr '60
Norman Collins '60
James D. Hobbs '62
Marshall L. McGhee '62
Dr. Jay Stanley '63
Dennis Sven Nordin '64
Joy Lynn Edwards Davis '67
Dr. Joseph E. Suppinger 1969-1986
Shirley Meyers Craig '80
Donald N. Faulkner '52
Glennis Stuart Liles '48
Dr. Jay Stanley '63
Dr. Sylvia D. Lynch '77
Dr. John K. Bumgarner '31
Earl Hess
Dr. H. Thomas Milhorn '60
Kenny Wayne Fields '62
Dr. Charles Hubbard
Mrs. Sharon Hatfield '77
Jo Stone Huddleston '57
Steven Wilson '85
Joyce Cope Wyatt '47
Denton Loving '96
William Eugene Cox ‘63
Una Heck Wright ‘90 
  Judge John C. Statler '41
Dr. Paul V. Hamilton
Dr. Dudley Williams '33
Dr. Stanley Byram
Conrad Ritter
Judge Fred Fennell
Charles R. Gannon '48
Charles W. Covey '40
Otis W. Nuckols '48
Dr. O.V. "Pete" DeBusk '65
Dr. Henry S. Spencer '48
Col. Paris T. Houston '30
Dr. John D. Quinton '43
Cecil D. Branstetter '42
Dr. J. Lamar Hennon '59
Lon Reed
Dr. Ernest W. Fields
Dr. Ronald J. Chinnock
Dr. Harold M. Finley
Jeanne Hann Pedigo '49
Charles "Judy" Poag '55
Dr. Walter L. Brooks '43
Lonas Bedford Chapman '43
Dr. Harris Trent Vandergriff '40
Harry Brooks '40
Mary Betty Ford '49
Bruce Robinette '61
Roger Vannoy '75
George Longmire '38
Sam Spencer '40
I.E. Nickols '36
Leory Johnson
Dr. James A. Jordan '55
Fred C. Cooke '39
Mr. Eugene W. Ward '56
M. Wilson Scoggins '44
Roger King Rector '56
E. Oscar Rovertson
Thomas T. Bohannan Jr. '69
Dr. Bruce Adkins '54
Guy Arnett '34
Thomas M. Brown '36
Russell W. Lloyd '62
Mr. Frank Higdon '61
Joyce Cope Wyatt '47
John W. Laningham
Samuel P. Anderson '93
Judge Wheeler A. Rosenbalm '60
Dr. Richard Gillespie '55
Bob N. Scoggins '54
Claude C. Davis '44
Mr. James Roy Shoffner Jr. '50
Bruce Adkins '54
Talmadge England '56
Judge William Charles Fugate '53
Dr. George L. Day
Mr. Bobby D. McConnell '53
Dr. Beryl Owens '50
Cynthia Whitt '77
Michelle Vannoy Huddleston '91
Wanda Golden Eubank '59
William Ron Darnell '60
Dr. Lon J. Muncy '49
Carol Wilson Bichler '72
Regina Sawyers Burns '81
Jim Cigliano '61
Kenneth A. West '76
James R. "Dick" Nevils '75
Gary Giles '76
Lt. Col. Martin P. Keeley, III '73
Sheila G. Stafford '67
John Arthur Howe ‘64
James Douglas Polly ‘58