New Alumni



You Just Graduated...Now What? The LMU Alumni Association welcomes around 400 new members into the LMU alumni family after each spring and fall semester. No matter where life may take these new graduates, they will always be members of an alumni family that is Railsplitter Proud and nearly 30,000 strong.

Meet Friends

For most grads, the first few months after college are filled with job searches, finding a place to call home, and new cities to navigate. Whether you’re moving across town or across the nation, meeting new people can be a challenge. That’s where the LMU alumni chapters can help. Being active in the LMU Alumni Association means there is a network of people with whom you share a history and connection and you will be on your way to building lasting friendships.

Friends aren't the only connections you make as a graduate.  Expanding your professional network in your new city is easier when you have something in common-like being a Railsplitter; sharing memories of a favorite professor; or belonging to the same sorority or fraternity.  Alumni chapters hold events throughout the year, allowing you to meet people, grow your professional network and build lifelong friendships.

Attend Fun Events

In the past, alumni chapters have hosted a variety of events, such as Women of Service trips, networking events in larger cities, outings to major and minor league baseball games.  There are also trips to games and tournaments during championship seasons.  Being involved with your alumni chapter can lead to one-of-a-kind experiences.  For recent grads who may be new to an area, participating in an alumni event is a great way to get to know more about your new home.

Opportunities for Leadership

For those wanting to be event more involved, serving in a leadership role with your local chapter is the perfect opportunity.  Elections are held every fall during Homecoming.   

Staying Connected to Campus

College is a special time, but the days, months and years afterwards can also be wonderful.  No matter how far from LMU life takes you, being part of the Alumni Association can bring a bit of LMU back into our busy lives.  Spending time with people who share that connection and can reminisce about shared experiences helps us feel like a part of LMU is still with us no matter where we roam.  by taking the Railsplitter spirit wherever we go, we can give back to the University that gave us so much during our time here, and that's what being an alumnus is all about.  When you sign up for the Alumni Association, a portion of your dues will go toward alumni scholarships.

In addition to the Alumnus and Blue & Gray, the LMU Alumni Association sends out a monthly e-newsletter, the Alumni Insider, which is full of news, events and other information that is relevant to all LMU alumni. Keep your email and contact information up-to-date and you will receive all of this information on a regular basis.